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Dip Mixes, Drink Mixes,Salsa, Jams,Dessert Mixes, Olive Oil blends, Condiments,,and more....

Dip mixes drink mixes, party time is here.  America's finest wholesale dip mixes, wholesale cocktail drink mixes, fruit salsa, specialty salsa,  jams, dessert mixes, condiments, olive oil blends, are now available to sell at home parties, fairs, festivals.  This is an outstanding opportunity for individuals interested in working at home or making their own hours. Be your own boss as a  home party consultant. Host parties, or have your friends host them.  Sell at shows and events with your own company label. With Party Thyme you will have access to America's finest selection of quality of gourmet dip mixes, wine slush mixes/cocktail drink mixes, dessert mixes, olive oil blends, and more.  The sumptuous taste of these products is the talk of the town. We continually add new cocktail drink flavors such as Grape and Holly Berry, Moscow Mule, and Creamsicle.

The best news, as a consultant you will receive products at a highly reduced cost.  At the end of the day, that extra income will be yours to keep. See party kits (for home consultants) page for additional information relative to cost and projected profits. Party Thyme Party Kit pricing is the most competitive available allowing party hosts greater profits.

We have established a choice of  (4) various party kits to get you started.  Depending on the kit that is chosen, and the size of the party, hosts will benefit from their efforts.  This program is dedicated to your success. A party kit can also be specially designed to fit your needs.

We will also be extending the party kits to include other items as we grow and increase business with new products. Please contact us at any time for all product pricing and availability.

This is a ground floor opportunity for those that like to have fun and make extra income at the same time. It's your chance to start selling delicious gourmet food & drink and earn additional income. We do not promote gifts, vacations, etc. We do promote the tastiest products as well as lower prices to make greater profits.

NOTE: Please always use caution to assure that underage drinking of alcohol is not tolerated. 






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